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Installing your choice of new wood floors in your home or business.      Request a Quote


Installing your choice of new wood floors in residential and new construction

Installing hardwood floors in your home is an exciting opportunity to bring new life to your room. Mastercraft makes the process easy -- from selection, to scheduling to installation into your home. We keep in constant communication with you to ensure the installation process is as smooth as possible.

Getting Ready

We ask that you move all furnishings from the room prior to hardwood floor installation (which includes furniture and appliances). Once everything is removed from the room, the wood for your new floor will be delivered to your home to acclimate. Acclimation is an important step in the installation process and is critical. It can take two days to two weeks, based on the wood that is being installed, and temperature/humidity of the room. Because wood is a natural product, no two floor boards will be identical, and variations in appearance are completely normal.

Installing and Finishing

Expect dust and debris when your new floor is being installed. When your floors are ready to have finish applied, you will have no access to the room until the finish is completely dried and has time to cure. The time required will vary depending on the type of finish being used, humidity levels and temperature. We will let you know exactly when you can walk on your floors and when you can put your furniture and appliances back in place.



Sanding and  Refinishing

Sanding and applying polyurethane to your existing floors can give them a new luster.





Existing floors can be sanded and polyurethaned for a brand new appearance.


What to expect before, during, and after you have decided to refinish your hardwood floors


All of the furniture, window treatments, and wall decor will need to be removed from the room.


Sanding, finishing, and refinishing hardwood floors can be noisy and can cause disruptions in the home. When the finish is being applied it is imperative that they are not walked upon until the finish is completely dried. The time required will vary depending on the type of finish used. The average size job can take up to a weeks time, but most cases are 24 hours.


Preventive maintenance is recommended in order to prolong the life of your hardwood floors. After the floor is dry we recommend placing felt pads on the bottom of any furniture to minimize scratches. Place rugs in front of all doors, avoid the ones with rubber backing, these can discolor your floors. You should never walk on the floors with cleats or high heals.

Variations in the appearance of your wood flooring is very normal no two boards are exactly alike. As the floor ages, coloring can change. This is normal due to expose to the elements. Periodically changing the furniture arrangement or placement of area rugs can minimize the expose to sunlight that your floor receives, prolonging floor coloring. Seasonal changes in the humidity can cause the floor to expand and contract. Cracks between the boards are normal during high and low humidity seasons.

Maintain your floors by cleaning them regularly. Sweeping with a soft bristle broom, and vacuuming with a soft floor attachment. You should also clean your floor periodically with a professional hardwood floor cleaner recommended for your floors. Running a humidifier throughout the winter months can reduce the gaps or crack in your floors.



Screen and coat or clean and wax your existing wood floors



Your hardwood floor has been installed and looks beautiful. With time, you will need to keep it looking beautiful by cleaning appropriately. Depending on the type of finish you have on your hardwood flooring, there are different methods of maintaining them.

Surface Finishes

Surface finishes are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. For cleaning, you should use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products. Or, you can use a generic hardwood floor cleaner. You should never use wax-based  on a surface finish. In addition, petroleum-based cleaners should be avoided on water-based finishes 

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